PTLB Schools Launch Streami Project To Rejuvenate Online K12 Education In India

Online education in India is still in its infancy stage and there are very few stakeholders who are working in this direction. Even fewer are the stakeholders who are imparting online skills development oriented courses in India. To bride this gap, PTLB Schools has launched the first ever techno legal STREAMI (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, Maths, innovation) project. STREAMI Project of PTLB Schools would transform Indian education system forever.

STREAMI Project of PTLB Schools would cover multi disciplinary fields and combine their best features for its courses, trainings and skills development programs. A special focus would be given to techno legal education and skills development courses and STREAMI would provide the same using its online portal(s).

STREAMI intends to improve skills of students right from the stage of school so that their interest and aptitude can be changed to skills oriented career options. Schools in India have been providing theoretical education for many decades and this needs to be changed urgently. STREAMI would ensure the same while allowing creativity and artistic skills to be developed simultaneously. A dedicated Art Zone has been created to encourage arts and crafts activities and skills among school students.

Awareness about intellectual property rights (IPRs) would also be spread among school children through our existing portals and a dedicated IPR portal of STREAMI. This would enable them to encash and monetise their IPR works created in the fields of art and crafts, inventions and innovations, etc.

A very significant and crucial feature of techno legal online courses and skills development initiative of STREAMI is training the students in fields like safe and secure online behaviour and courses like cyber law. This would make them responsible online citizens on the one hand and keep them safe and secure from online and cyber predators on the other hand. A dedicated cyber law blog has already been launched that is available to students enrolled at STREAMI alone.

An e-learning portal of STREAMI would be launched soon that would be used to impart online education and skills development of students of STREAMI project. It would be supported by PTLB Schools portal that would manage badges, points, credit scores, certificate, diplomas, etc.

Interested students can contact us to enroll for techno legal courses of STREAMI. Similarly, collaborators and investors can also contact us if they wish to collaborate with us or invest in our STREAMI or other techno legal education and skills development projects. Be part of a revolutionary and futuristic project and grow your career, knowledge and skills today.