School Children In India Would Now Have Cyber Law Skills Development Courses From STREAMI Virtual School

Education in India has always suffered from many shortcomings and we have been following an education system that is not only antique but also outdated and irrelevant. India has been independent for more than 74 years and despite that there is little that has happened in the education field. Many policies have been formulated from time to time by successive govts, yet none was good enough to bring essential education reforms in India.

The latest education policy initiative of Indian govt is the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) that has incorporated many good provisions to reform Indian education. But even the best policy is useless unless it is actually implemented and so far NEP 2020 has not shown any sign in this regard. For instance, to successfully implement a policy initiative like NEP 2020 we must have an educated, responsive and reformative govt machinery that is missing in India. Indian govt and its departments are not responsive at all and there is no two way communication between Indian govt and citizens.

Indian govt believe in a one way communication and that is a sure sign of anti reformative and anti collaborative approach that exists in India as on date. Also private initiatives working in the direction of improving Indian education from K12 to lifelong learning are facing severe hardships and lack of cooperation from Indian govt and its departments. We are also governed by colonial laws and procedures regarding recognition of schools/colleges and some of them are absurd to the extent of foolishness.

We must have an online recognition and affiliation system for schools, colleges, skills development institutions, etc that grants or rejects recognition etc in a time bound manner. Indian govt and its departments do not bother to reply back to e-mails for years and this negates the very existence and purpose of Digital India. In short, we have no mechanism, tools and infrastructure to implement NEP 2020 or any other education reforms in India as on date.

In these circumstances, private players are playing a very important and supportive role to rejuvenate and bring education reforms in India. We have many good edutech startups that are doing fantastic job in the education field. However, govt support to edutech startups in India is missing whether it pertains to financial assistance or granting recognition to their efforts and projects. Startups are special and specialised entities that must have exemptions and privileges while making Indian education updated and relevant. They should not be judged by the colonial mindset and procedures as is happening in India. For instance, we have no policy, norm or procedure to deal with virtual schools and their recognition in India even when they are launched by Indian startups. For a govt/nation that talks about Digital India, this is clear and obvious contradiction of its intentions and puts a question mark upon its capabilities and political will.

But Perry4Law organisation (P4LO) and STREAMI Virtual School have decided to rejuvenate and reboot the education sector of India from K12 to lifelong learning fields. We have almost two decades of techno legal experience and by using the same we would make India a global hub for techno legal services. We are focusing upon skills development rather than academic and outdated studies and this would ensure a highly skilled workforce for India in future. We are using dedicated blockchain for all our schools and skills development institutions and we are also using latest technology and tools for best skills development results. We have dedicated and separate online learning portals for all our education initiatives whether they pertain to K12 or lifelong learning.

We at STREAMI Virtual School believe that education reforms must start from school level and they should continue indefinitely till and after lifelong learning. So we are focusing upon K12 online skills development to begin with. Keeping this in mind, STREAMI Virtual School of PTLB Schools has launched the first ever techno legal online cyber law skills development course for school students. We would start with a basic and free course on cyber law so that students are better prepared to take up our main cyber law skills development course. We would cover more skills development courses in due course of time and they would be techno legal in nature. Our students would be better prepared to make their mark in the competitive and technology driven future global economies

To make our cyber law skills development courses more effective and updated, we have launched a dedicated blog for K12 segment named Cyber Law For Kids. It is an invitation only blog that is available to only students, teachers and collaborators of STREAMI Virtual School, PTLB Projects, P4LO, etc. The blog is discussing about contemporary cyber law and cyber security issues from around the world so it is a rich source of knowledge even for cyber law professsionals.

So for the first time in the history of India, whether before or after independence, there would be a school that is teaching cyber law to its students. This is a historic journey for us and we hope more people would join us as we progress further. The best part about our education initiatives is that they are not only helping in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations like education but they are also supporting the “SDGsPlus Goals” of P4LO and PTLB Projects. We hope you would also share our passion and enthusiasm to improve global education and to make this world a better place to live in.