Education Reforms In India Are Urgently Needed Opines Visionary Praveen Dalal

For two years we have witnessed the deficiencies and incapabilities of Indian education system and govt machinery to manage education in emergency situations. India was clearly not prepared to handle this situation and it would not be able to do so even in future. The main reason is that our politicians and bureaucrats lack the vision and capabilities to bring suitable education reforms in India. There is unimaginable inefficiencies, corruption and lack of accountability in govt departments that is perpetuated and accelerated in India as our politicians are mostly illiterate and are indifferent towards education reforms in India.

Take the example of political parties like BJP and AAP. Streami School of Visionary Praveen Dalal applied for online recognition of the school in the hope that these parties would be aware of and use technology for education purposes. But even after 1 year, both BJP and AAP are still struggling to even operate e-mail accounts forget about use of technology for other purposes. They even do not know how to reply back to e-mails in a time bound manner.

So there is little hope from our existing govts that clearly have no inclination towards educational reforms in India. But we cannot defer education reforms in India anymore as we are already late and education reforms in India are urgently needed now says Visionary Praveen Dalal. India is witnessing a growth in EdTech and EduTech startups but their business model is not based upon education reforms. They are more interested in profit making and commercial activities rather than improving the skills. knowledge and capabilities of Indian students. Here lies the significance of Streami School that is the exclusive techno legal online skills development, training and education providing school of the world.

When parties like BJP and AAP stonewall such world class schools that are need of the hour, it shows their priorities and attitude. With this attitude and negligence, we cannot achieve the goals of education reforms in India. We may formulate National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) but it would be of no use if we do not actually implement it. The NEP 2020 talks about use of technology for education but govt clearly lacks such capabilities and it discourages private stakeholders from managing the same. Similarly, NEP 2020 talks about skills development and contemporary fields to be taught but even basic level education has collapsed in the last two years. Lakhs of students are already out of school and when schools like Streami try to bridge that gap, corrupt and inefficient political parties do not support such initiatives.

Nevertheless, Streami School and other skills development and online training initiatives of Startups of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) continued to strengthen Indian education and skill development fields. Despite complete collapse of education in India in the years 2020 and 2021, Streami School and PTLB managed to launch exclusive techno legal online skills development initiatives and they are doing very well.

Our aim is to rejuvenate and completely reboot Indian education and skills development fields. STREAMI (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, Maths, innovation) has become a one place, holistic and comprehensive skills development exercise that Streami School is ensuring for K12 segment. For the first time in the history of India, school children would be taught and their skills would be developed in the fields like cyber law, cyber security, e-discovery, cyber forensic, artificial intelligence, machine learning, coding, intellectual property rights, etc. No other school of the world is doing that and Streami School is adding more features on regular basis.

Streami School is also working on the philosophy that education and skills development must be a holistic and comprehensive exercise. That is why Streami School launched the first ever Virtual Art Gallery where kids are contributing wonderful art, craft and other digital works. It has also launched a dedicated Techno Legal Zone that is preparing kids for futuristic fields. An Intellectual Property Rights segment has also been launched that is creating awareness among kids about IPR field. Also an E-Learning Portal has been created where kids would be provided with skills development, training and education in various techno legal fields.

These educational reforms should have come from political parties like BJP and AAP but they are more interested in PR events and spending hard earned public money on election campaigns and advertisements. The least that is expected from parties like BJP and AAP is that they expedite the recognition procedure and appoint educated and skilled politicians and officials who at least know basics of technology and e-delivery of services. No matter how much drums of success of Digital India, Make in India, Startup India, etc are beaten, the ground reality is that India is in a very bad position when it comes to adoption of technology and implementation of e-delivery of services to Indian citizens. It is high time to bring urgent and suitable education reforms in India says Praveen Dalal.