About Streami

STREAMI (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, Maths, innovation) Virtual School of PTLB Schools has been launched to provide a comprehensive, holistic, multi disciplinary and enriching online education environment for national and international stakeholders. It has been launched to cover the gaps and deficiencies that are plaguing our school education in India. Schools in India are still following traditional patterns and educational curriculum and there is minimal focus upon skills oriented education system. They are using a single stream education system where interplay and involvement of other segments, fields and courses is not encouraged. Students of one stream find it difficult to understand and apply basic concepts and knowledge of other streams. This is not a school specific problem and even highly specialised courses like Law, Medicines, etc at graduate and post graduate levels are suffering from these defects.

As a result we are producing educated workforce that is at best capable of pursuing jobs in private and govt sectors. If it is the govt sector, the position is even worst as after getting jobs such employees lack even basic skills to serve public in a reasonably satisfactory manner. But not all graduates and post graduates get jobs as providing jobs to such large number of individuals is simply beyond the capacity of private and public sectors. Existence of large scale unemployment then becomes a major challenge for any country and India is facing such a challenge with no possible solution.

The position has become so bad that even graduates and post graduates from professional institutions and colleges are not found suitable for employment by private sector. Schools, colleges and institutions are minting money in the name of education and govt is doing nothing to curb this blatant corruption. And these educational institutions are charging hefty money for providing education that is purely theoretical with no skills development orientation. The end result is the educational mess that India is presently facing. STREAMI Virtual School of PTLB Schools is working hard to break this vicious circle of educational bankruptcy in India.

We have two decades of techno legal experience and expertise giving us strong grip over both technological and legal issues. We believe that together technological and legal issues cover almost all segments, fields and contemporary and future working environments. So STREAMI would ride upon two decades of techno legal expertise and experience to make students of schools, colleges, universities, professional and technical institutions, etc skilled and suitable for future jobs.

For instance, we would train various stakeholders in fields like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensic, e-discovery, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, quantum computing, space law, blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, etc. Suitable online skills development courses and educational programs would be launched from K12 to lifelong learning stages. The STREAMI Virtual School intends to cover K12 segment so that school children can be suitably trained and guided for careers that are worth investing their time, money and energy. Graduates, post graduates and lifelong learning projects are managed by separate initiatives of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO). Interested stakeholders can see them by visiting their respective portals.