This is a unique aspect of STREAMI Virtual School of PTLB Schools. We are encouraging school children to explore, improve and strengthen their art and crafts skills in online and offline environments. While using online tools like blogs, WhatsApp, YouTube/TikTok, Mobile Apps, etc, school children must use a safe and secure online behaviour. That is the most important skill in an online environment and we would provide a free and basic course in this regard to all students of STREAMI Virtual School at our E-Learning Portal.

All art and craft works submitted to this Virtual Art Gallery of STREAMI Virtual School should be owned by the submitter of such art work and their submission would subject the submitted art works to the terms and conditions of our Virtual Art Gallery. In case of any query or doubt, please contact us before submitting your art works.

We are also exploring new avenues and opportunities for kids and students in this regard on a regular basis. We would share details of the same in due course of time. We would offer a variety of monetary, non monetary and approved and legal cryptoassets/cryptocurrency based options as payment modes for the works, arts and crafts and inventions assigned, licensed or sold to PTLB/PTLB Schools for monetisation purposes.