Education and learning using online tools and mechanisms is the future of education world over. India too cannot escape from this revolution and it would be better if India starts preparing itself instead of ignoring it anymore. Two major problems with Indian educational system are its academic nature that is devoid of skills development discourses and lack of use of technology for educational purposes. We at PTLB Schools are working to provide solutions for both these problems and to use additional tools and techniques to make India educational system robust, competitive, skills oriented and world class.

We have launched a dedicated Techno Legal E-Learning Portal for K12 segment at STREAMI Virtual School. The e-learning portal would use world class contemporary and futuristic educational and skills development methods. Once a student successfully completes the designated or allotted stream or course, batches, points and credit scores would be allotted to such student. We are working with govt and private stakeholders to ensure that such batches, points and credit scores are duly recognised and accepted for admission to higher education institutions and for employment purposes. In any case, no worthy skill needs a recognition and such skill itself is worth in gold.

The e-learning initiative of STREAMI by PTLB Schools is just one of the techno legal education, skills development and e-learning initiatives. We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) are managing many techno legal skills development portals and initiatives ranging from K12 to lifelong learning. Interested stakeholders can continue their skills development and education using other portals of P4LO that would help them till lifelong learning stages.

Letter “I” in STREAMI stands for “Innovation” and STREAMI is an abbreviated form of “Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, Maths, innovation (STREAMI)”. We have two DPIIT (Govt of India) recognised startups and many Meity Startup Hub (MSH) (Govt of India) recognised startups. Presently, we have two techno legal incubators named TLCEODRI and CECSRDI that are incubating startups in the fields of online dispute resolution (ODR)/LegalTech fields and cyber security/techno legal fields respectively. More incubators and accelerators are in pipeline and K12 students would significantly benefit from our STREAMI Virtual School as it is part of the larger startup culture and environment of P4LO. We would inculcate the skills and orientation among K12 students right from the stage of school education so that they can launch their own startups in future and provide employment to many other fellow students.

STREAMI e-learning portal would provide techno legal training and skills development in fields like cyber law, cyber security, e-discovery, cyber forensic, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, quantum computing, space laws, international laws, international trade in goods and services, intellectual property rights (IPRs), etc. The list is just illustrative and many more fields would be covered. However, the level of education and skills development would commensurate with the K12 standards and higher level education and skills would not be imparted.

We would start with a foundation course on safe and secure online dealings and behaviour followed by a courses on cyber law and other contemporary fields. This would prepare students of STREAMI to conduct research and knowledge gaining activities in an online world in a safe, secure and responsible manner. This would also help them in establishing an online presence that would protect their activities and identities from online predators. They would also learn how to use online portals, social media websites, etc for their arts and crafts projects and ideas.

A dedicated cyber law blog has also been launched for kids by PTLB Schools where they are not only learning about safe and secure online behaviour but they are also contributing their posts, opinions, suggestions, etc too. Students enrolled at STREAMI Virtual School of PTLB Projects would get free access to that blog that is an invitation only resource.