STREAMI Virtual School E-Learning Portal

An engineer or scientist can be a better engineer or scientist if he/she has an artistic mind and commercial knowledge. Why to limit stakeholders to a single stream when we can combine them and create the best out of them: Praveen Dalal, CEO and Founder Of P4LO, PTLB and PTLITC.

STREAMI Virtual School is the first Techno Legal Virtual School of the world and it is one of the first schools of PTLB Schools Group and chain. You can see more about STREAMI here. STREAMI (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, Maths, innovation) Virtual School of PTLB Schools has been launched to provide a comprehensive, holistic, multi disciplinary and enriching online education environment for national and international stakeholders.

STREAMI Virtual School has been launched for K12 stakeholders and we have created an entire ecosystem for techno legal skills development up to the stage of lifelong learning. Students of STREAMI Virtual School would have an option to opt for graduate, post graduate, higher education and lifelong learning offerings of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO), PTLB, PTLITC, etc.

STREAMI is the first techno legal virtual school of the world that has blended various disciplines or streams of education into a single education model. STREAMI Virtual School of  PTLB Schools has given K12 education a new meaning as we have removed the shackles of traditional education system of India that is purely theoretical and academic in nature.

We have also forsaken the century old practice of bifurcating education based on streams like arts, commerce, science, etc. These streams have not only become outdated but they are producing unemployed in India instead of producing skilled entrepreneurs and leaders. STREAMI Virtual School is based on this philosophy and that is why it has combined all streams and created domain specific and highly specialised courses for K12 and other stakeholders.

So if you want your kid to be a bright engineer, scientist or entrepreneur, enroll him/her to STREAMI Virtual School today. Keep a track of the e-learning and skills development portal of PTLB Schools for the skills development courses of PTLB Schools Group.