IPR Zone

We create intellectual property rights (IPRs) on daily basis without even realising that. If a person is running a business under a name for many years, he acquires a Trademark in that name under common law through such long usage. If he registers that name under Trademark Act, he gets statutory protection as well. Similarly, if a person writes an article, he acquires Copyright in that article automatically. Registration of such article under Copyright Act would further strengthen such protection. We have recipes for foods and beverages that are never disclosed and protected as Trade Secrets. These are just few examples and we can find more in our day to day activities.

STREAMI Virtual School of PTLB Schools is encouraging research, innovation, arts and crafts, etc among its students and this process would also result in creation of IPRs by such students. They can develop and own these IPRs independently or they can jointly create the same with PTLB Schools. They can also assign them to PTLB Schools for monetisation and licensing purposes by entering into an agreement with PTLB Schools. For instance, innovations, inventions, copyright, trademark, art and craft materials and items, etc can be assigned to or hosted at the portals of PTLB Schools and we would monetise and sell the same on behalf of students on mutually beneficial terms and conditions. We would offer a variety of monetary, non monetary and approved and legal cryptoassets/cryptocurrency based options as payment modes for the works, arts and crafts and inventions assigned, licensed or sold to PTLB Schools for monetisation purposes.

A dedicated IPR Portal would be launched by STREAMI Virtual School soon and we would post details about it at this page and other places at this portal. You may also see our existing PTLB Portal for advance knowledge about IPRs in India and other jurisdictions.