PTLB Schools

The idea to create a comprehensive, holistic and modern education system in India came to our mind few years back. We have been continuously working to rejuvenate education and skills development for segments like K12, graduation and post graduation and lifelong learning with different and dedicated online portals and projects. PTLB Schools was launched to cater needs of K12 segment. More about PTLB Schools can be found at its LinkedIn page.

One of the projects of PTLB School is STREAMI (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, Maths, innovation) Virtual School that is working to provide comprehensive and holistic education and skills development courses to students of K12 segment. The STREAMI Virtual School of PTLB Schools is a unique techno legal project that would empower its students in technological, legal and other relevant fields.

We have launched a dedicated E-Learning Portal of PTLB Schools that would issue and manage badges, awards, points, credit scores, etc. Once we get due affiliation or accreditation from appropriate authorities or enter into suitable tie ups and collaborations with already licensed or affiliated educational institutions, we would offer certificates, diplomas, graduate and post graduate degrees, lifelong learning and PhDs, etc too. We are also in talk with private stakeholders to recognise our awards and credit scores for employment purposes.