Techno Legal Zone

This is a unique segment of STREAMI where both technological and legal issues would be combined and discussed. As techno legal issues are very complicated to understand and handle, we would discuss them keeping in mind the K12 standards. So we would discuss our articles, courses, programs, etc in this regard keeping in mind the end stakeholders. i.e school students.

This segment would support and strengthen the E-Learning portal of STREAMI once students are aware of and comfortable with existing courses on online safe and secure behaviour, cyber law, IPR, etc. Once basic level cyber skills are acquired, we would introduce school level techno legal concepts, courses, education and skills development courses. Existing students who have cleared basic level courses would be allowed to enroll for these techno legal courses subject to obtainment and showing of completion badges, points or credit scores by PTLB Schools.

If any student has successfully completed basic level courses essential to enroll for the techno legal skills development courses and he/she has not been able to get the badge, points or credit scores for any reason, he/she may contact us for provisional enrollment. His/her final admission would be subject to production of such badge, points or credit scores within the prescribed time limit.

In exceptional cases and in our sole discretion, we may enroll a student directly to our techno legal course without insisting for such badge, points or credit scores. In such cases, it is mandatory to quote the circumstances and reasons for seeking direct enrollment for our techno legal course by the applicant student. Our decision in this regard shall be final and binding on all such applicants and he/she has to comply with all the conditions subject to which such exceptional case has been accepted and approved by us.